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- Exfoliate your skin with an oil free scrub 48hrs before your appointment.

- Pedicures, manicures, & facials should be completed prior to your appointment. 

- Waxing should be done 24hrs before and shaving up to 6hrs before your appointment.

- Complete all other beauty services the day before your spray tan. ​

- Come fresh with no lotions, oils, makeup or beauty products on your skin. 


​The shower before your appointment: Please rinse off well.

When soap, lotion, oils, perfume, or razor blade residue is left on the skin,

it creates that area not being able to tan; therefore that area may appear lighter.  

Make sure your skin is completely dry after your shower,

it's also best to rinse off with cool water at the end of your shower to close your pores.

 For best results shower at least 3 hours before your appointment.

Please have loose clothing to change into after your tan is applied

(no jeans, leggings, or yoga pants). 

Robes, maxi dresses, loose pants & over-sized shirts is recommended.


- While your tan is developing avoid showering, sweating, and exposure to water for 8-12 after your spray tan.

During your first shower, the cosmetic bronzer that was applied will wash off.

Don't worry your tan will continue to develop.

- Avoid using products that contain mineral oils, alcohol, or soap,as they can strip your tan causing patchiness.

- It's best to shower using gentle body wash and your hands while showering. 

- Please avoid oil's as it will remove the spray tan.

- When drying yourself after your shower pat skin dry instead of rubbing your skin.

- Be cautious of pools and hot tubs, chlorine does tend to fade your spray tan. Keep it to 10-15 min increments.  

- Moisturize morning and evening with an oil free lotion. 

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